Thank you for making sure my goods arrived to my client in Kenya in time. Your customer support is very efficient.- Brenda (MD BEE Cosmetics)


  • DEST Logistics designs and executes logistics activities across the entire supply chain. These include inbound logistics, manufacturing support, outbound logistics and distribution, as well as the aftermarket and sales services for various industries. Our experienced logistics support operations staff analyzes the entire supply chain, from the time our clients order raw materials to the moment they deliver an end product.
    We offer a full range of logistics services, including:

  • Inbound LogisticsManufacturing and assembly industries need to get parts and raw materials in the right sequence, the right quantity, the right quality and at the right time. In order to reduce inventory levels, manufacturers need to streamline their supply chains and increase their visibility. 
    DEST Logistics is the leading expert in providing inbound logistics to, for example, the automotive industry, aerospace engine manufacturers and producers of industrial equipment.
    Our service extends beyond transportation and warehousing and includes:

  • Quality control we perform quality inspections in the warehouse and will remove goods that fails to meet standards. In many sectors, such as electronics, we will implement test procedures to ensure quality control, and in the case of deficient parts, will return the parts to the manufacturer for replacement before any further handling.

  • Milk run This is where optimize transportation flows, called milk runs, by performing multiple collection or delivery routes for customers in the same industry. Instead of arranging for transport from location A to location B and back, we plan fixed routes with various loading/unloading points, combining the required orders from different customers at the same time.
    This ensures optimal use of vehicle capacity and lower transportation costs. Customers benefit from more frequent deliveries at a lower cost to meet our client expectation.

  • Outbound LogisticsOnce produced, goods need to be delivered to customers in a cost-effective way that still meets expectations regarding service and availability. DEST Logistics puts its extensive experience in warehousing and distribution of finished goods at the disposal of clients worldwide.
    For straightforward storage or other regular warehousing requirements we offer shared facilities, which will lead to lower cost for our customers? We can also design and implement customized storage facilities with additional features, including:
    Dedicated warehousing
    Multi-user warehousing
    Bonded warehousing
    Automated warehousing

    DEST Logistics can organize and manage all inbound and outbound transportation among suppliers and warehouses or production facilities. This can include transport by air, sea or land. Whether it is a purchased or managed transportation arrangement, we oversee and manage the entire process directly.

  • Line-haulsWe take care of the bulk transportation movement of products between two customer locations, for example a local warehouse and a regional distribution centre.
    Home deliveryWe deliver furniture, specialist food products and electrical appliances directly into the homes of our clients' customers. We offer services such as white glove delivery, removal of packaging and installation of electric appliances.
    Picking and packingIn most of our warehouse operations, we provide order picking and pick & pack services. We collect items in the warehouse to combine them into individual customer orders. We use the latest and most innovative systems to carry out these functions to reach the highest possible quality performance levels.

  • After market and sales Logistics The delivery of spare parts is an increasingly important element of the supply chain for many of our customers. Service expectations by end-users in industries such as electronics and automotive are increasing and spare parts delivery allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves from competitors.
    Services that we can offer in the area of aftermarket logistics are:
    Returns logistics
    We can manage the returns process for unwanted or damaged goods. These goods will be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers.
    We manage the receipt and repair of products or parts. Once repaired, the parts will return to the stock, to be reused at some point.
    Reverse logistics
    This involves the flow of surplus or unwanted material or equipment back through the supply chain after meeting customer demand. We can design and manage these reverse flows to ensure that the surplus or unwanted material is handled in an environmentally responsible way.